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The Natty Peeps fashion design collective takes inspiration from the current retro-styled era and handed down maker techniques. Natty Peeps is based in London.

Our clothing range for women, men and children is comprised of limited edition pieces - all original in design and made by hand. We love materials that feel gorgeous to touch and are vibrant in colour and texture. A Natty Peeps item exhibits great motif and pattern work while being an easy to wear, overall design. Our crafting is based on the artisan ways of hands-on production, where care of craft-work is absolutely important and the desire to be individualistic and stylish or completely couture, is at the heart of creation. We use beautiful yarns with high-content natural fibers and for our retro range we source vintage yarns, with 'low mileage' in mind. Our homeware range of mats, rugs and table settings is made almost entirely from recycled materials and when we design for the home environment, a strong element of play and the surreal is evident, with multi-coloured felted Christmas trees, vibrant crocheted pet baskets and pet clothing.

We are committed to intelligent, thoughtful, planet-friendly production. Our hand-making manufacture process utilises recycling methods and requires only low mileage materials sourcing and low energy consumption.